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This wiki will serve as the portal to the World of Aerisydia. This world is a creation of mine, heavily influenced by the greats in fantasy and Sci-Fi. Through the Seven Epochs, the rise and fall of an entire world is laid before us. At current, my gaming focus will be on the Third Epoch, the Epoch of Kingdoms. This is a time of civilizations, both light and dark, and heroes with bloodlines that bear the tiniest spark of something just beyond mortal. The lands of the Good Folk stretch fair and wide, while the Lands of the Fallen shelter the Draakarhiim, twisted servants of the Unmakers during the First Epoch. The First two Epochs will be referenced periodically, as I create more and more history and back story.

The Good Folk section will cover the various available player races.

The Good Folk

The Draakarhiim section covers the monstrous and twisted servants of the Unmakers who dwell in the Lands of the Fallen.

The Draakarhiim

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